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Accountants and Consultants


Helping governmental and nonprofit entities succeed...

that's what we do.

Our firm's mission is to provide high-value and high-quality services to the governmental and nonprofit sector at a competitive price while utilizing the most advanced technology and knowledgeable staff; in summary, no excuses just results.

No matter what your need may be, we have a solution.  Our ability to provide superior service is the result of our specialization, our focus on customer satisfaction and delivery of results.  Our firm has worked with numerous governmental and nonprofit entities in varying capacities including as independent auditor, interim finance director, consultant and as Board members.  Superior service is achieved through our consistent engagement team of Certified Public Accountants who are familiar with your operations and readily accessible when you need us.


Get in touch.

We at Vredeveld Haefner LLC know that finding the right public accounting firm is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk through your needs, the scope of your goals and your budget.  Let's start a conversation.

How can we help?


Need an audit to comply with regulatory requirements or simply to ensure that your organization's financial statements are not materially misstated?  We have a solution for that.


Is your organization not yet required to be audited but would like some assurance that you are not overlooking something that should have your attention?  We have a solution for that.


Unsure if your internal controls are properly designed, debating whether to lease or purchase and would like to know the cash flow implications or need assistance developing a comprehensive operating budget?  We have a solution for that.

Tax form 990

Need to file an IRS Form 990 for your nonprofit organization but not sure how to answer question 4 in Part VI Section A?  We have a solution for that.

controller by the hour

Did your controller or chief financial officer just leave the organization and you need help...immediately?  We have a solution for that.

cost allocation plans

Interested in allocating indirect costs to various programs within the organization?  We have a solution for that.