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When a general doctor cannot help you with a health issue where do you go?  A specialist.  Someone who concentrates primarily on a particular subject or activity.  So where do you go when you do not need a public accounting firm that also prepares Form 1040 income tax returns, provides bankruptcy and litigation support, advises on international business matters and conducts family wealth management?  That's where we come in.

Specialized Expertise

local government

We have extensive experience and expertise with all levels of local government including: 

  • Counties
  • Cities
  • Townships
  • Villages

Whether there are questions regarding the marina, property taxes, pension plan or a joint venture, we have those covered, and everything in between.


School districts are public school systems that provide regular, special, and/or vocational education services for children in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.  

Charter schools are unique public schools that are allowed the freedom to be more innovative while being held accountable for advancing student achievement.  Because they are public schools, they are open to all children, do not charge tuition and do not have special entrance requirements.

Our team members have worked with over 30 school districts and charter schools throughout their individual careers.  In addition, we offer a unique understanding of education operations from serving as school district and University Board members.

retirement plans

A defined-contribution plan is a retirement plan in which a certain amount or percentage of money is set aside each year by a company for the benefit of each of its employees.  The defined-contribution plan places restrictions that control when and how each employee can withdraw these funds without penalties.

A defined-benefit plan is a retirement plan that an employer sponsors, where employee benefits are computed using a formula that considers factors, such as length of employment and salary history.  The organization administers portfolio management and investment risk for the plan. There are also restrictions on when and by what method an employee can withdraw funds without penalties.

Our knowledge of benefit plan operations and regulatory requirements includes not only defined contribution and defined benefit plans subject to ERISA, but also government plans that are exempt from ERISA.


Our firm has a long-standing reputation for supporting nonprofit organizations in their missions and operational needs.  We serve a wide diversity of public charity entities ranging from youth leadership camps to human rights advocates to protection of children in war torn countries to homeless youth housing and even mental health and substance abuse.  We also have significant experience with completing and filing the related IRS tax Form 990.

Single audits

A single audit is an audit of an entity that expends $750,000 or more of Federal assistance (commonly known as Federal funds, Federal grants, or Federal awards) received for its operations.

We have conducted audits of Federal award programs ranging in size from 1 major program all the way up to 10 major programs for a single entity.  Accordingly, we are familiar with numerous types of grant programs and the compliance requirements applicable to each program.

District Libraries

Michigan’s District Library Establishment Act allows two or more municipalities to join together to form a district library.  District library boards control district libraries and are taxing authorities that have the power to place a district-wide library millage question on the ballot for voter approval.

Our team has assisted libraries during their transition into a district library and helped them navigate through millage levys, bond offerings and building renovation/expansion projects.


A transit authority is a special-purpose district organized as either a corporation chartered by statute, or a government agency, created for the purpose of providing public transportation within a specific region.

We work closely with the Michigan Department of Transportation to ensure that the audit and reporting requirements of our clients' Dial-A-Ride and other transit service programs meet the regulatory specifications.

A metropolitan planning organization is a transportation policy-making organization made up of representatives from local government and transportation authorities that develop and maintain a long-range transportation plan as well as develop a transportation improvement program.

Our firm has specific experience with the unique federal funding of these types of organizations as well as the allocation of costs to various projects.


National Housing Act Section 223(f) insures mortgage loans to facilitate the purchase or refinancing of existing multifamily rental housing.  These projects may have been financed originally with conventional or FHA insured mortgages.

The Section 223(a)(7) loan program is exclusively for the refinancing of existing HUD debt on multifamily and healthcare properties in order to reduce the interest rate, increase the amortization and subsequently improve property cash-flow while reducing the cost of debt service so as to ultimately, in the eyes of HUD, reduce the chance of default.

From the application process to the specialized annual compliance audit and REAC filing submission requirements, our extensive knowledge of these programs makes the complexities of the HUD mortgage loan program seem less intimidating.

other special-purpose governments

Special-purpose governmental units are independent entities that exist separately from, and with substantial administrative and fiscal independence from, general purpose local governments such as countymunicipal, and township governments and that are formed to perform a single function or a set of related functions.  Our expertise with special-purpose governmental units include the following:

  • Light & Power
  • Water Systems
  • Sewer Authorities
  • Road Commissions
  • Central Dispatch
  • Water Resources Commissions
  • Insurance Authorities
  • Enforcement Teams
  • Ambulance Authorities
  • Parks and Recreation

clubs and membership organizations

We have an in-depth understanding of the operations of membership organizations, particularly golf county clubs and yacht clubs.  These businesses have specific operational concerns including membership retention and expansion as well as monitoring food service costs through their on-site restaurants.